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Complete Air Purification System

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We package an electronic air cleaner with filter housing and our popular air scrubber to provide the ultimate air purification solution for your home or office environment.

Prevents Sick House/Office Syndrome and other illnesses, along with a host of other great health and air quality benefits. This package includes a duct cleaning and duct sealing, in addition to the installation of the air cleaner and air scrubber devices.

The Induct 2000 Air Scrubber - Kills 99.9% of all germs, viruses, and molds in your duct system, on the indoor coil, and in the air throughout your home using patented UV light technology. This is not an air filter. This is advanced air cleaning technology. You can view more information about the benefits of air scrubbers in the product videos below. Price includes installation.

*may not fit all system types or mobile homes, please call us before purchasing to confirm compatibility

*scheduling for installations and services will be coordinated after you've made your purchase